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Ruby Performance Optimization Book Tour, San Francisco Bay Area, March 21-28, 2016

Posted by Alexander Dymo on February 22, 2016

I'm announcing my very first book tour. I'll be in San Francisco Bay Area from March 21 to 28 talking about the book and doing paid tutoring sessions on Ruby and Rails performance.

Tour Schedule

I'll be presenting the book and talking about the most important Ruby optimization techniques. I'll do the book signings too!

Here's the schedule of public events:

Tue Mar 22
7:15 PM
San Francisco Ruby on Rails Meetup
345 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA (map)
RSVP on the Meetup site
Mon Mar 28
6:00 PM
Silicon Valley Ruby Meetup
226 Airport Parkway, Suite 250, San Jose, CA (map)
RSVP on the Meetup site

I'm still finalizing the plans, so please follow me on Twitter to watch for updates in my schedule.

Ruby/Rails Performance Tutoring Sessions

As a part of the tour I'll be giving 3-hour sessions that teach advanced Ruby/Rails performance optimization. These are tailored for companies and software development teams doing Ruby/Rails.

If you have performance problems, consider having me on-site for a 3 hour session customized to your company needs.

If, for example, your app is slow, we'll talk about profiling. If your app takes too much memory, we'll talk about memory optimization. If your devs tend to write slower code, we'll discuss optimization techniques and performance testing.

To book the session, please send me an email. You'll get a 30% discount by booking before March 1st.

02/23: Hurry up to book your tutoring session. I have only two days of the tour left for sessions.
03/03: Announced my presentation at Silicon Valley Ruby Meetup.

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